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By Higginbotham on March 28 , 2019

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What do these three situations have in common?

  1. A new manager clashes with the existing staff. One by one, the company’s best workers quit, but nobody gives any explanation, so the problem continues.
  1. An employee reports harassment, and the response she gets leaves her less than satisfied. When she’s passed over for a promotion that she expected to get, she files a lawsuit alleging retaliation.
  1. A new hire steals from and physically attacks his coworkers. He has a history of similar behaviors that should have come up during the hiring process, but somehow it was overlooked. Now your company is being sued.

If you guessed that they’re all nightmare scenarios that could cripple your company, you’re right. If you also guessed that they’re all problems that could have been prevented by proactive HR strategies, you’re also right.

Reasons You May Need an HR Consultant

An HR consultant can help you avoid problems before they get out of control. Many small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford an experienced in-house HR team. You may have one experienced person who is completely overloaded, or you may have an operations manager whose responsibilities include HR. Either way, serious issues can slip through the cracks. People are your company’s most valuable resource. When it comes to people issues, you simply can’t afford to “wing it.”

If you’re not quite ready to hire in-house HR expertise, an HR consultant can help bridge the gap. From hiring new workers to giving exit interviews, an HR consultant can provide the expertise needed to handle day-to-day HR issues successfully. A consistent HR presence can have powerful implications, potentially reducing turnover and improving morale and productivity.

What about crisis situations? An HR consultant can help with those too. If you need to terminate employment, a HR consultant can help you assess the legal ramifications and avoid potential lawsuits. If a lawsuit arises, an HR person can guide your response and work with legal counsel to coordinate your defense and mitigate the issue.

Help with Essential HR Processes

Still not sure whether you need an HR consultant? If you need guidance with any of the following processes, an HR consultant can provide it.

  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Employee data and I-9 and personnel file audits
  • Employee handbooks and relations
  • Exit interviews
  • Payroll
  • Unemployment claims response
  • Training on HR issues

Wondering where to turn? In addition to insurance and risk management, we offer HR consulting services. Download our brochure to learn more.

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