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How to terminate an employee

August 12 , 2021

Termination blog

Some employees just aren’t a good fit. Whether it’s because of gross misconduct, poor performance or internal structural changes at the company, sometimes you need to terminate an employee.

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New threats to supply chain risk management

July 08 , 2021

Supply chain blog

No company operates in isolation. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a construction company, an office, or any other type of business, you depend on materials and goods being delivered on time. Even minor delays can lead to major problems.

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Speculative risk insurance

April 27 , 2021

Speculative risk

Almost anything of value can be insured against the risk of loss. After starting its underwriting business with ocean voyages, Lloyds of London covered the first automobile, the first airplane and the first satellite. Lloyds wrote a policy on the “million-dollar legs” of actress Betty Grable, and in more recent times, it covered the even-more-valuable legs of soccer star David Beckham.

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Business continuity and risk management

April 22 , 2021

Business continuity

It’s easy to plan for good times. When everything goes as it should, you can focus on growing your business and meeting your corporate objectives. But what happens when things don’t go as planned? Maintaining business continuity through disruptions takes careful planning.

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The importance of workplace safety

February 19 , 2021

Workplace safety

Workplace safety is important to the health and welfare of employees and the overall health and productivity of a company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), private industry employers reported 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2019. Of those, 882,200 caused a private industry worker to miss at least one day of work.

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Understanding the many aspects of operational risk

February 17 , 2021

Operational risk

There’s no reward without risk. Operational risk exists in every business. However, the nature of operational risk may vary depending on the specifics of the company.

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Cyber issues in contracts: who is liable and indemnification for acts of vendors?

December 17 , 2020

cyber attack

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Even if you maintain good cyber security practices, a less diligent vendor could open the door to an attack on your data. When selecting vendors and writing contracts, it’s important to address cyber issues, liability and indemnification.

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How adverse losses affect commercial auto insurance rates

December 03 , 2020

Commercial fleet

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7 ways to take control of your experience modifiers and your workers' compensation premiums

October 14 , 2020

experience mod blog

For employers, it can be one of the least transparent and least understood aspects of workers’ compensation. And yet, it’s one of the most important factors in determining your premiums.

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#1 reason you should never report claims late: coverage could be negated

August 19 , 2020

insurance claim form

People put things off for a lot of reasons. You might be busy. Maybe it seems unimportant. It could be just downright unpleasant. We get it. But when it comes to reporting claims to your insurer, promptness is essential. If you delay, your coverage could be negated – and that could be a big problem for your business. Protect your coverage, your company and your bottom line by reporting claims promptly.

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