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Company party protocol: 8 tips for incident-free events

December 05 , 2018

GettyImages-Employee Christmas PartyWith the holiday season in full swing, it’s company party time and a great opportunity to celebrate with your team. As you plan this year’s event, be cognizant of what you hope to achieve and what you hope to avoid. We’ve all heard the stories about those who drink too much, say too much or do too much at company parties. Today, in the age of social media, employees can instantly share their colleagues’ bad judgement through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, placing your company’s reputation at risk. And then there are more serious exposures such as sexual harassment, food poisoning and driving under the influence. These risks can quickly turn your festive event into a costly regret. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Some careful planning can ensure that your company party goes off without a hitch – and without a hit to your bottom line. 

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Winter driving tips for truckers

November 14 , 2018

Truck in snow storm 

One of the joys of the trucking business is the ability to travel across the country and experience the beauty of different roads from coast to coast. However, this also means you must prepare for various types of driving conditions. Whether you're driving through a busy metropolis or sparsely populated country roads, there are heightened risks to be aware of in winter. Here are some good practices to keep you and your cargo safe in the winter months.

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Indemnity and insurance disagreement in contracts

October 03 , 2018

GettyImages-Tearing Contract

Sometimes the insurance requirements of a contract aren’t in agreement with the indemnification provision. This can result from a simple error due to edits by multiple parties, or it can be an attempt to circumvent anti-indemnity statues – or even bury a provision that, in effect, is a broad-form indemnity. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, many states have enacted anti-indemnification statutes, making certain broad-form indemnifications void as against public policy. Any provision that attempts to circumvent an anti-indemnity statute will also be void, and a conflict between insurance and indemnity can lead to litigation. In this edition of our contract review series, we review some of the statutes that address those provisions and study examples so you can identify such a provision when you see it in a contract.

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Preparing for an active shooter in the workplace

September 19 , 2018

GettyImages-Police Cars

Is your workplace safe from gun violence? In 2017, 61,839 incidents of gun violence, including 346 mass shootings, resulted in 15,637 deaths and 31,248 injuries, according to the
Gun Violence Archive. So far in 2018, there have already been 40,536 incidents. Data from the CDC shows that the number of homicides committed using firearms is on the rise.

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Protecting your business against employment related lawsuits

August 15 , 2018


GettyImages-Tired Employee

Lawsuits can come from many sources, including customers, competitors, vendors and partners. But in many cases, when a company faces litigation, the lawsuit is related to employment practices. To protect your business against these lawsuits, it’s important to understand why they occur.

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Oilfield contract risk management: Louisiana anti-indemnity laws

August 07 , 2018

Oilfield contract risk management2

In the second part of our contract review series, we discussed the anti-indemnity laws affecting Texas contracts pertaining to a "well or mine service." As we explained, the Lone Star State has specific anti-indemnity laws for the commercial construction, oilfield and common carrier transportation industries. It’s important to understand these laws and how geography can affect them before your company signs a contract. Not knowing how laws from different states can affect your existing agreements can result in significant costs—both litigation costs and potentially out-of-pocket claims costs.

In this edition, we explore the specific laws affecting Louisiana oilfield contracts and compare them with the Texas oilfield anti-indemnity laws. But first, be sure you understand the three basic types of indemnity (limited form, intermediate form and broad form) by referencing the first edition of this series for a review.

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Help your workers avoid heat-related illness

July 11 , 2018

Heat danger

Summer’s here. The long, hot days are great for anyone who wants to spend the day by the pool, but for anyone who has to work, the heat can be uncomfortable. In some cases, it can even be dangerous. Heat-related illness is a serious threat. With a little care, however, employers can keep their workers safe and prevent heat-related workers’ compensation insurance claims.

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Pool safety and drowning prevention: Six tips for a safer summer

June 19 , 2018

Swimming Pool Safety

As the weather heats up, people will turn to the pool to cool down. While this is normally good summer fun, it can take a tragic turn in an instant.

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Preparing your business for hurricane season

May 24 , 2018


The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1. According to the initial predictions from Colorado State University, this year’s hurricane activity isn’t expected to be quite as bad as last year’s. That’s good news, since the 2017 hurricane season was especially bad, with six major hurricanes.

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The Texas Agritourism Act: Liability protection for landowners

April 03 , 2018

Texas Agritourism Act

Do you own land in Texas and let people use that land for recreational purposes like hunting, fishing or hiking? Then you may be entitled to limited liability protection thanks to the Texas Agritourism Act (the Act). It can also benefit businesses like vineyards and safari venues.

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