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HR strategy: do job titles matter?

July 16 , 2021

Hr titles

As a business or HR leader, you’ve likely considered the influence of your professional title more than a few times during your career. Perhaps you wondered how your title impacts your pay, credibility or how others perceive you.

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Accommodating food allergies in the workplace

June 15 , 2021

Food allergies

People with food allergies must be very careful about what they eat. One bite of the wrong thing, and they could have a serious, possibly fatal, reaction. Given this risk, they have a good reason to want to make sure their work environment is free of allergens and that they’re safe at their job. Here’s what employers need to know about accommodating food allergies in the workplace.

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What does accident insurance cover?

June 01 , 2021

Accident ins

Accident insurance is a great product to add to any employee benefits package. Here’s a look at how accident insurance works, what an accident policy covers and why employees need it.

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The difference between deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums

May 18 , 2021


Navigating insurance plans and policies can be confusing.

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What are employee incentive programs and how do they work?

April 29 , 2021

Incentive programs

Companies are embracing employee incentive programs as the key to increasing employee engagement, retention and job satisfaction.

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How to write a strategic human resources plan

April 15 , 2021

HR strategy

Success in business doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of hard work and careful planning. To achieve your business goals, your company needs a strong corporate strategy. It also needs a strategic human resource management plan.

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Office cubicle etiquette

March 11 , 2021

Office etiquette

Office cubicles debuted in the 1960s when designer Robert Probst introduced them as a solution to a corporate conundrum: confined offices. Strangely enough, according to history, he intended to make offices breezier, less packed and more efficient. However, some argue that he created a corporate monster, giving rise to the need for office cubicle etiquette.

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Human resources strategic projects and goals for 2021

March 09 , 2021

HR strategies

The human resources department has come a long way since having the role of simply hiring and firing, determining benefits and following regulations. With technology automating many of the day-to-day human resources processes, the HR professional's role has moved from being simply “personnel” to a more integral part of a company’s infrastructure.

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Self-funded employee benefits - the right choice for your business?

February 25 , 2021

Self funded benfits

Rising health care costs are putting the squeeze on employers. According to SHRM, large employers will pay about $10,850 for each covered employee in 2021, while employees will pay about $4,650 each. This is an increase of about 5.3 percent from 2020, when large employers paid about $10,340 per covered employee and employees paid about $4,430 each.

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How to write an inclement weather policy

February 12 , 2021

Inclement weather

Hurricanes. Blizzards. Tornados. Hail. Flooding. No matter where you live, there’s probably at least one type of severe weather that threatens to disrupt your business operations. When these bad weather events strike, the situation is often urgent, leaving little time to iron out policies and procedures in the moment. That’s why it’s important to have an inclement weather policy in place before the next storm hits.

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