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Discretionary employee benefits 101

October 01 , 2021

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Employers are spending significant sums on employee benefits. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee compensation for civilian workers averaged $39.01 per hour in March 2021. Of that total, only $26.84 went to wages and salaries. The rest – that’s $12.18 per hour – went to benefits. Some of these benefits are required by law. Many of the benefits, however, are considered discretionary benefits – benefits that are optional under the law and that employers offer at their own discretion.

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Could behavioral interviewing transform your hiring results?

September 10 , 2021

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If you’ve ever hired, onboarded and trained new employees, only to have them quit 90 days later, you know that it’s a frustrating and costly endeavor. Unfortunately, the person you meet in the interview often does not seem like the same person who shows up for work.

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What is a standard employee benefits package?

August 25 , 2021


Attracting and retaining top talent is a task on most business owner’s to-do lists. During the Great Resignation of 2021, this task has become even more challenging. As a result, offering competitive benefits is more important than ever.

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How to terminate an employee

August 12 , 2021

Termination blog

Some employees just aren’t a good fit. Whether it’s because of gross misconduct, poor performance or internal structural changes at the company, sometimes you need to terminate an employee.

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HR strategy: do job titles matter?

July 16 , 2021

Hr titles

As a business or HR leader, you’ve likely considered the influence of your professional title more than a few times during your career. Perhaps you wondered how your title impacts your pay, credibility or how others perceive you.

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Accommodating food allergies in the workplace

June 15 , 2021

Food allergies

People with food allergies must be very careful about what they eat. One bite of the wrong thing, and they could have a serious, possibly fatal, reaction. Given this risk, they have a good reason to want to make sure their work environment is free of allergens and that they’re safe at their job. Here’s what employers need to know about accommodating food allergies in the workplace.

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What does accident insurance cover?

June 01 , 2021

Accident ins

Accident insurance is a great product to add to any employee benefits package. Here’s a look at how accident insurance works, what an accident policy covers and why employees need it.

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The difference between deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums

May 18 , 2021


Navigating insurance plans and policies can be confusing.

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What are employee incentive programs and how do they work?

April 29 , 2021

Incentive programs

Companies are embracing employee incentive programs as the key to increasing employee engagement, retention and job satisfaction.

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How to write a strategic human resources plan

April 15 , 2021

HR strategy

Success in business doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of hard work and careful planning. To achieve your business goals, your company needs a strong corporate strategy. It also needs a strategic human resource management plan.

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