Three things to do before leaving for a vacation

By Higginbotham on June 17 , 2020

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Ah, summer. As U.S. states begin relaxing their stay-at-home orders, many families are itching for a change of scenery and planning a summer trip. Even if you’re not traveling far, keeping your home safe while you’re away is just as important if you’re headed off to another continent. Ponder these three points to keep your home safe from burglary while on vacation.

  1. Social Media: It is best to keep the details of your vacation to yourself until you get back from your trip. Far too often, people divulge the details of their trip prior to leaving and share their experiences while they’re away. You may as well put a sign on the door that says “nobody home.” Post your pictures and narrative when you get back so burglars don’t know you’re gone.

  2. Neighbors: Most people get along great with their neighbors and help each other out while away on vacation by checking the mail, removing newspapers from the driveway and putting out the trash. Make sure you tell your neighbors when you’re leaving town so they can keep a watchful eye out for any strange activity.

  3. Technology: Americans love their technology. Home security systems have come a long way. Consider options like Canary, a home video surveillance system that sends you a text when there is motion detected at your home. You can then pull it up and watch a live video stream allowing you to record the activity as well as call police.

Another simple piece of technology is an outlet timer. These small devices can turn on and off lights in your house throughout the night, making it appear that someone is home. At about $9 each, it’s a very inexpensive security option. You can set them up in different rooms to make it look like you’re moving around the house. To keep it efficient, use LED bulbs in lamps you intend to leave running throughout the night.

Following these simple tips can help you avoid a costly insurance claim for burglary and losing items that simply can’t be replaced. If you have questions about what losses your home or renters insurance covers, contact Higginbotham’s personal insurance experts.

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