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Is prepaid insurance an asset?

April 09 , 2021

Prepaid insurance

In a word: Yes, prepaid insurance is an asset. Anything that is owned by a company and has a future value that can be measured in money is considered an asset. This includes cash, accounts receivable, inventory, real estate, buildings, equipment, supplies, vehicles – and prepaid expenses, such as insurance premiums and prepaid rent.

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Is earthquake insurance worth it?

April 06 , 2021

Earthquake blog

If you have homeowners insurance to protect your house, you might think you have all the coverage you need. This isn’t always true. Homeowners insurance provides protection against many common risks, but some risks are typically excluded. You may already know that flood insurance has to be purchased separately. Likewise, earthquake coverage is typically excluded from home insurance policies, so coverage must be purchased separately.

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April HR News Worth Review

April 01 , 2021


States Update Employee Leave Requirements for Coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, states have passed new laws and issued new regulations and guidance about employee leave taken for COVID-19 reasons. These provisions are in addition to the federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act, passed on March 18 as part of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), and it’s continued (voluntary) extension through September 2021. In general, employee leave permitted under new state COVID-19 rules and guidance varies with respect to factors like which employers and employees are covered by the leave, the length and purpose of the leave, whether the leave is compensated and at what rate, and whether the leave is provided under a new law or rule or covered under an existing provision.

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How to remove oil stains from your driveway

March 30 , 2021

Oil stains

Perhaps a visitor in an old car (with an oil leak) left you a parting gift in the driveway. Or while you were adding oil to the lawn mower, it was you who made that puddle on the garage floor. Whatever the source, you will one day need to remove a spill or a stain on your driveway or concrete floor made by oil, fuel or transmission fluid.

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FMLA guidelines for employers

March 25 , 2021


The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, gives eligible employees the legally protected right to take time off from work for certain family and medical reasons. This is a federal law that covered employers in the United States must comply with.

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March 2021 Retirement Times

March 24 , 2021

Retirement Times Blog.jpg

The Case for Investment Refresh

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What general liability insurance covers (and doesn’t cover)

March 23 , 2021

gl blog

No matter what products or services you sell, the simple act of opening for business each day exposes you to a multitude of liability risks. A customer could slip and fall in your store. One of your employees could accidentally cause damage at a customer’s home or business. Another business could sue you for defamation for speaking negatively about it in your ads.

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COBRA Subsidy Provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act

March 18 , 2021


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A 20-step checklist for succession planning

March 17 , 2021

succession v2

There are many unknowns in business, but one event is guaranteed and universal: every business will have a succession, whether the incumbent retires, resigns or is removed by fortune or fate.

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Office cubicle etiquette

March 11 , 2021

Office etiquette

Office cubicles debuted in the 1960s when designer Robert Probst introduced them as a solution to a corporate conundrum: confined offices. Strangely enough, according to history, he intended to make offices breezier, less packed and more efficient. However, some argue that he created a corporate monster, giving rise to the need for office cubicle etiquette.

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