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What is gap insurance?

September 08 , 2021

Gap ins blog

If you’ve ever purchased a new car, or taken out a loan for vehicle, you may have been offered – or even required – to have gap insurance. If you’re like most people, you already buy auto insurance, so you may be wondering why you would also need gap insurance. That’s exactly the question we will answer here. But first, let’s talk about negative equity.

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10 types of small business loans

September 01 , 2021

Small biz loans

Higginbotham is not a law firm, and this article is not meant to provide legal advice.

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August 2021 Retirement Times

August 25 , 2021

Retirement Times Blog.jpg

Generational Influences and Behavioral Finance

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What is a standard employee benefits package?

August 25 , 2021


Attracting and retaining top talent is a task on most business owner’s to-do lists. During the Great Resignation of 2021, this task has become even more challenging. As a result, offering competitive benefits is more important than ever.

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Claims-made vs. occurrence: what are your policy terms?

August 17 , 2021

Claims blog

If your business gets hit with a claim, the insurance company will cover the claim – right? It sounds like it should be simple, but when there’s a long gap between the incident and the claim, things can get complicated.

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How to terminate an employee

August 12 , 2021

Termination blog

Some employees just aren’t a good fit. Whether it’s because of gross misconduct, poor performance or internal structural changes at the company, sometimes you need to terminate an employee.

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Questions to ask before starting a business

August 10 , 2021

Small business

So you want to start your own business.

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What is comprehensive insurance coverage?

August 05 , 2021

Comprehensive coverage

When shopping for car insurance, you will most likely be offered comprehensive insurance coverage. Accepting it will cause your premiums to increase, but turning it down might leave you without the protection you need. So, what should you do?

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August HR News Worth Review

August 03 , 2021


Proposed Regulations Would Substantially Expand Mandatory Electronic Filing of Information Returns

The IRS has proposed regulations that would substantially expand mandatory electronic filing of information returns, reflecting statutory changes made by the Taxpayer First Act of 2019 (TFA). Historically IRS Code prohibited the IRS from requiring electronic filing for taxpayers filing fewer than 250 returns. Additionally, current regulations provide that the 250-return threshold applies separately to each type of information return a taxpayer is required to file – a threshold the IRS proposed aggregating in 2018, but was never finalized.

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Disadvantages of sole proprietorships

July 27 , 2021

Sole propriertorship blog

Higginbotham is not a law firm, and this article is not meant to provide legal advice.

The majority of small businesses start as sole proprietors, due to the ease and single focus allowed by the entity form. According to the IRS, there are 23 million sole proprietorships in the U.S., compared to just 1.7 million C corporations and a combined 7.4 million partnerships and S corporations.

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