Life changes, so should your insurance policy

By Higginbotham on January 15 , 2020

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Imagine if we could buy just one insurance policy and be set for life. That’s a nice thought, isn’t it? Like the good things that happen in life, your insurance policy should change and adapt to your situations. The beauty of having a local, independent insurance agency is that it represents multiple insurance companies – one that surely will fit your current and future needs. Some things to consider when reviewing your current insurance:

Did I get married?

Marriage discounts, multi-car discounts, combined insurance policies, jewelry endorsements, life insurance, a new home? A lot happens when you get married – be sure your new life together is properly insured.

Did I complete a major remodel?

A new kitchen can add tremendous value to your home. Simple changes like bay windows, granite counter tops and hardwood floors dramatically improve and increase the value of your home, not to mention if you blow out a wall and add some additional square footage. Be sure your current insurance policy has enough coverage for all your changes. Review these changes with your agent.

Did I or do I want to get a new car?

If you’re considering a new car, your independent agent can tell you what the new premiums will be on that fancy new ride before you buy it. Be sure to consider the increased premium in the sticker tag of the vehicle.

Do I have a teen who will soon be driving?

Teen drivers can be quite the sticker shock. If you have a teen driver in the house, it’s important to let your agent know. Most insurance companies require your teen driver to be listed on the policy. Not adding the driver to the policy could cause major problems and even a claim denial if not added timely. Be sure to ask your agent about teen drivers.

Did I purchase a new exterior building for my home?

Many insurance policies automatically include exterior buildings coverage for 10 percent of the value of your home. While not all do this automatically, if you install or build a detached garage or other structure, be sure you have enough coverage in the event it’s damaged or a total loss.

Did I protect my home with a new burglar alarm?

Reviewing what discounts you currently have and looking for new ones is always a good thing to do. Burglar alarms, driving less and multi-policy discounts are great ways to reduce your premiums. Your agent can look for these automatically – they’re discount detectives. Next time you talk with yours, be sure to go over what discounts are available so you can take advantage of them.

Understanding insurance is difficult. Fortunately, when you’re insured through an independent insurance agency, they can review your policy with you anytime and shop from multiple companies to determine the best one for your needs.

Have you had a review recently? Contact us today for a review of your personal insurance policies for needed changes.

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