How the presidential election could impact your open enrollment

By Higginbotham on October 18 , 2016

U.S. Mail delivery during the presidential election

A current topic of discussion in communication forums is the upcoming presidential election and how it might affect the U.S. Postal Service.

Should you expect delayed deliveries? Possibly.

Election Day is always the Tuesday after the first Monday of November, so it falls on November 8 this year. A massive amount of campaign literature is usually filtered through the U.S. Mail the last week of September through the first week of December.

The first week of November is, historically, the week with the highest volume of mail during an election year. The second week, although not typically a “peak” week, is still at the heart of the fall mailing season.

High volume means slower delivery.

Too much mail? Could be.

Will your employees become overwhelmed and ignore mail during the election season? Will the Post Office process campaign literature before it sends out your enrollment packets?

The U.S. Post Office is obligated to ensure that no political mail is purposely delayed to affect a candidate’s campaign. So, these mailings may take precedence over the delivery of your enrollment packets.

What are some solutions?

  • Plan for a larger delivery window, up to three times the normal delivery window.
  • Schedule your open enrollments before or after the presidential election hoopla.

Our customers have a team of writers and designers helping them spice up their open enrollment materials for the employee benefits we implement. So whatever plan you make this election year, we can help you liven up your employees’ mailboxes.

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