FLSA overtime rule blocked by federal judge

By Higginbotham on November 23 , 2016


A federal district court in Texas granted a preliminary injunction against the new FLSA overtime rule set to go into effect on December 1. Therefore, the rule is halted and will not go into effect on December 1, giving you a reprieve until the matter can be litigated.

Judge Amos Mazzant said the plaintiffs were able to effectively show that "irreparable harm" would be caused if the rule goes into effect, while the DOL did not prove that it would be harmed if the rule does not go into effect. While you are no longer required to meet the December 1 deadline, you may want to continue to prepare for an eventual effective date, as President-elect Trump has yet to say what his plans are for the overtime rule.

Find more details in this compliance bulletin: FLSA Overtime Rule Blocked


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