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Construction contracts: Oklahoma's anti-indemnity law

June 12 , 2019

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Contracts aren’t considered leisurely reading. The language used in indemnity provisions can be complicated. Terms like “indemnitor” and “indemnitee” aren’t used in everyday language. To help you navigate the complexity of indemnity provisions, let’s put the risk transfer language in common terms.

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How to count employees for compliance purposes

June 05 , 2019

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Full-time. Part-time. Seasonal. The variety of work arrangements can make getting an employee count complicated – and that’s before you even deal with turnover rates. Despite the difficulty, knowing how many employees your organization has is important for legal reasons. Exactly how to count your employees depends on the legal purpose of the count.

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May 2019 Retirement Times

May 23 , 2019

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Four Ways to Increase Employee Retirement Contributions

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Workers' compensation: 7 best practices for injury case management

May 22 , 2019

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There’s only one way your business can run on all cylinders, and that’s with every employee at work and functioning at full capacity. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Injuries and illnesses happen. And when you have employees off work due to injury, it can put a real strain on your operation and your bottom line.

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May HR News Worth Review

May 16 , 2019


President Announces Plan to Combat Surprise Medical Billing, HHS Moves for More Drug Pricing Transparency

On May 9, 2019, President Donald Trump delivered a speech criticizing the practice of surprise medical billing. He announced a general plan of attack and hinted at a few specifics for curbing the trend.

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Why telehealth services continue to gain popularity

May 15 , 2019


Few things have had as much impact on the health care landscape in recent decades as technology. Telemedicine is the perfect example. While telehealth isn’t a new concept, technology has taken us from the “dark ages” of doctors making house calls to futuristic wearable devices such as the Apple Watch that can sense abnormalities and call a doctor for you.

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How catastrophes impact building costs

May 08 , 2019


Rebuilding after a catastrophe is always an expensive endeavor. Exactly how expensive, however, depends on current building costs, and that depends on a number of other factors. Although you might not think about construction costs often, if your home or business is destroyed in a natural disaster, the issue could become very relevant.

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Renter's insurance helps protect more than just your personal items

May 01 , 2019

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If you’re like two out of every three people who rent a home, apartment or other dwelling, you don’t carry a renters insurance policy. The reason for not carrying renters insurance varies, but it’s important to understand that your landlord is not responsible for your personal belongings if they are damaged, stolen or otherwise. You alone are responsible for your things, so protecting them with a renters insurance policy is wise.

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Seven paid leave compliance tips for multi-location businesses

April 25 , 2019

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Like any business owner, you want to take care of your employees and offer the most generous benefits you possibly can. But if you operate a business with multiple locations in multiple states, you know what a compliance nightmare it can be dealing with inconsistent paid leave laws.

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April 2019 Retirement Times

April 23 , 2019

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10 Reasons to Roll Over Into Your Plan Versus an IRA

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