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July 2021 Retirement Times

July 21 , 2021

Retirement Times Blog.jpg

Bitcoin: Coming to a 401(k) plan near you?

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Qualified vs. non-qualified deferred compensation plans

July 20 , 2021

Deferred comp

For high-income earners, deferred compensation plans can be an attractive benefit. Employers may want to offer deferred compensation plans as part of a benefits package designed to attract and retain top talent.

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HR strategy: do job titles matter?

July 16 , 2021

Hr titles

As a business or HR leader, you’ve likely considered the influence of your professional title more than a few times during your career. Perhaps you wondered how your title impacts your pay, credibility or how others perceive you.

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EEOC Extends EEO-1 Deadline for 2019 and 2020 Data to Aug. 23

July 15 , 2021


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How to become an electrician

July 13 , 2021

Electrician blog

Do you want a solid career with excellent pay in a fast-growing profession? How about a career where you can get started with a high school diploma, and instead of going into debt for your higher education, you earn while you learn the trade on the job?

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New threats to supply chain risk management

July 08 , 2021

Supply chain blog

No company operates in isolation. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a construction company, an office, or any other type of business, you depend on materials and goods being delivered on time. Even minor delays can lead to major problems.

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How to start a property management company

July 06 , 2021

Property mgmt blog

Are you working in property management and thinking about being your own boss? Or would you like to get started as a property manager, with the goal of eventually having your own property management company? 

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Boat insurance requirements: the essentials

July 02 , 2021

Boat ins

Do you own a boat? Make sure it’s protected with the right boat insurance.

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July HR News Worth Review

July 01 , 2021


PCORI Fees due by August 2

PCORI fees are normally due by July 31, but with that date falling on a Saturday this year, the fees will not be due until August 2. Employers with self-funded health plans and those with health savings accounts (HRAs) are generally responsible for filing and paying the fee. Employers with fully-insured health plans are generally not responsible for the filing or paying unless they also sponsor an HRA.

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Tags: Compliance

How to calculate net working capital

June 24 , 2021

Net worth blog

With access to a company’s balance sheet, net working capital can be calculated simply by subtracting current liabilities from current assets.

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