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Asbestos Claims - A growing construction exposure

September 24 , 2014


Eight hundred million dollars. That’s the amount RPM International, parent company to the DAP and Rust-Oleum brands, is paying to fund a trust set up to resolve asbestos injury claims relating to a business owned by its Specialty Products Holding Corp.

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Affordable Care Act's new wellness program guidelines

February 25 , 2014

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Earlier this month, we shared ideas for heart health wellness programs in honor of Heart Health Month. And today, we’re continuing the wellness conversation by alerting you to new proposed rules in the Affordable Care Act that may help you launch a highly effective wellness program in 2014.

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Wellness programs for better heart health

February 13 , 2014

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Hearts aren't just for Valentines Day. They're in focus all month long.

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? February is Heart Health Month, a national observance meant to increase the awareness of heart disease. This is an important aspect of health risk management as many people in the workforce have heart disease or are at risk for heart disease and may not even know it. Complications from heart disease can lead to medical claims and sometimes catastrophic medical events such as strokes or heart attacks.

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