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Employee benefit trends for 2018

January 12 , 2018

Employee benefit trends

Employers, are you keeping up with the latest benefit trends? With low unemployment rates, employers must work even harder to attract and retain talent. At the same time, employers also need to keep an eye on developments in relevant laws and regulations.

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Employee benefits – how to promote financial wellness in the workplace

December 18 , 2017

503278812 budgeting.jpg

Money is a leading cause of stress, and for good reason. Many Americans are saddled with student loan and credit card debt. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, almost one-third of households age 55 or older have no retirement savings at all. Employees who are worried about money may become distracted, sleep-deprived and even sick – not good for their productivity levels. They may also consider quitting in search of a better financial situation.

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Long-term care awareness: The other reason to celebrate November

November 09 , 2017

long-term care awareness

What do people celebrate during the month of November? You're thinking turkeys, aren't you?

Of course, there's a lot to be said for Thanksgiving. The food is superb, and it's a beautiful time of year. It’s also a holiday about family, which brings us to the other reason to love November.

Welcome to long-term care awareness month: A time to think of your family's future, and your own.

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Open enrollment communication best practices

October 12 , 2017

Communicating employee benefits

Your company offers great benefits, but do your employees know this? If employees are unaware of all the benefits available, or if they lack the resources needed to select the plans that best suit them, the company’s efforts will go unnoticed and unappreciated. Help your employees and boost workplace satisfaction by optimizing your open enrollment communication strategies.

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Three benefits your employees wish you offered

August 10 , 2017

579145756 top employee benefits.jpg

You've heard about the modern workplace – the one where ping pong, massage and free meals are simply part of the culture. Even if your workplace isn’t that progressive, perks matter. They matter especially to the 53.5 million millennial workers out there today, whose concern for "work-life integration" has reshaped workplace culture and expectations in some pretty significant ways.

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Demand rises for virtual care

June 23 , 2017

595142554 telemedicine.jpg

If companies had a way to keep health care costs down while making employees happy, they’d have to pursue it. As it turns out, such an option exists. Telemedicine is a cost-effective care option in many situations. It’s also rising in popularity among consumers.

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10 surprising facts about disability insurance

May 03 , 2017

91156685 empty wheelchair.jpg

To help bring attention to the need for disability insurance, May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Created and organized by the nonprofit Life Happens and supported by the Council for Disability Awareness, it’s an annual campaign to help educate the public about the very real risks of disability and the importance of income protection planning.

In honor of the occasion, we thought we’d share 10 surprising facts about disability. For details on where the following statistics come from, check out this infographic from

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Group benefits strategies: Managing health care costs

April 13 , 2017

Excessive health care spending.jpg

Imagine that Gas Station A charges $2.50 a gallon. Gas Station B down the road charges three times as much at $7.50 a gallon. Where would you fill up the company car? At Gas Station A of course! 

Believe it or not, this scenario plays out every day in our health care system, with a much different outcome. According to a Blue Cross Blue Shield report, the cost of a total knee replacement in Dallas can range from $16,722 to $61,585 depending on the hospital. That’s a 267 percent difference!

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Life and LTCi executive compensation – Why and how

March 14 , 2017

Executive compensation methods

Executive compensation packages are as varied as the executives they cover. Packages that supplement and protect retirement assets pack the strongest punch.

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How the presidential election could impact your open enrollment

October 18 , 2016

U.S. Mail delivery during the presidential election

A current topic of discussion in communication forums is the upcoming presidential election and how it might affect the U.S. Postal Service.

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