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Five steps to reduce Texas workers’ compensation insurance costs

February 01 , 2017

Reduce workers' comp costs

Are your Texas workers’ compensation insurance costs growing every year? Then it’s time to take control by getting actively engaged and purposeful with your claims response. Here are five crucial steps:

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10 Texas business insurance exposures to tackle in 2017

January 18 , 2017

Business football strategy.jpg

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Does your business have crime insurance?

December 20 , 2016

Employee theft crime insurance

On November 20, 2016, a Wichita Falls man was arrested and charged with theft for stealing more than 23,800 pounds of metal from his employer and selling it as scrap, pocketing a good $29,000 in cash. As reported by the Dallas Morning News, Ronald Gene Clark, 57, had been stealing large quantities of stainless steel tubing and brass from Motion Industries, where he worked as an office manager, for some time. After completing a thorough review of its inventory, the company concluded they had lost a total of $125,623.81 since May 2015 due to Clark's thefts.

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Beat rising commercial auto insurance costs with driver safety

June 29 , 2016

Commercial auto accident prevention

If you run a business that relies heavily on vehicles for your daily operations, you’ve likely been watching your commercial auto insurance costs go up in recent years. For many, it’s getting harder to even find affordable coverage. What’s going on? The short answer: Rising automobile injury claim costs.

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Three keys to reduce your workers’ compensation claims

May 04 , 2016

Strategies to reduce workers' comp claims

When your workers’ compensation insurance carrier is calculating your premiums, one of the biggest factors they look at is your experience modification rating. That’s the rating the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) calculates by comparing your claims history to other companies in your industry, and by comparing your actual losses with expected losses.

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Should your business have terrorism insurance?

April 25 , 2016

Terrorism Insurance

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were a game changer for businesses in the U.S. In a few tragic moments, it became clear that our businesses are just as vulnerable to man-made disasters as they are to natural disasters. Those attacks resulted in an estimated $40 billion in insured losses.

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Avoid employment practices liability with legal background checks

April 07 , 2016

Employment Practices Liability

One of the biggest challenges you face as an employer is finding and keeping great employees. In fact, the ability to attract and retain talent can be the deciding factor in whether you reach your business goals or fall short of your company vision.

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Business interruption insurance: A lifeline to recovery

March 28 , 2016

Business interruption insurance

It’s a nightmare scenario for any business owner. Mother Nature cooks up a monster hailstorm, tornado or wildfire and puts your business squarely in the path of destruction. If you’re lucky, you’ll come through unscathed or with minor damage so you can patch up and move on.

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Does your insurance carrier make the grade?

March 09 , 2016

Carrier Ratings

As a business owner, you carry the burden of responsibility to protect your company’s assets and keep the business financially sound. That takes a smart, proactive risk management strategy, including the right insurance coverage.

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Drugs at work: Evolving employment practices liability for employers

February 25 , 2016

Drugs at work

Drug use in the workplace is nothing new to employers. It’s a problem that touches virtually every industry, and employers have long been aware of the possible consequences, including:

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