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How and why to create a home inventory

May 25 , 2017

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Imagine what would happen if a fire or other catastrophe destroyed your home tomorrow. You would need to file an insurance claim as soon as possible, and you would need a list of everything you lost to make sure you received proper compensation. But creating this list from memory would be difficult to say the least, especially when you’re still dealing with the trauma of the fire. It would be much better if you had the list already.

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Are you making these five costly business insurance mistakes?

May 18 , 2017

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When you run a business, smart risk management is always your best defense against loss. Unfortunately, many business owners make costly mistakes – and find out too late they’re not covered. Here are five of the most common mistakes businesses make with their commercial insurance coverage:

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Could your business survive an extreme weather event?

May 10 , 2017

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When the skies darkened over Texas on April 29, no one could have predicted that a rare, deadly EF4 tornado would come barreling across the plains. But that’s exactly what folks in the Canton area were hit with. At least four were killed, dozens were injured and damage was extensive.

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House passes American Health Care Act

May 04 , 2017


On Thursday afternoon, members of the House took first steps toward repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by passing the American Health Care Act (AHCA). While the majority of the AHCA deals with individual markets and Medicare, there are provisions that will affect employers if the bill becomes law. In particular, the AHCA would reduce the penalties imposed under the Individual and Employer Mandates to zero beginning in 2016, effectively repealing both (although they would technically still exist).

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10 surprising facts about disability insurance

May 03 , 2017

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To help bring attention to the need for disability insurance, May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Created and organized by the nonprofit Life Happens and supported by the Council for Disability Awareness, it’s an annual campaign to help educate the public about the very real risks of disability and the importance of income protection planning.

In honor of the occasion, we thought we’d share 10 surprising facts about disability. For details on where the following statistics come from, check out this infographic from

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Keyless car safety

April 27 , 2017

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We’ve all fumbled for our car keys at some point. It often happens at the worst moment too –  when we’re standing in the rain, holding a crying child or carrying bags of groceries. That’s why keyless car entry devices, which unlock the car automatically once we get close enough, are so appealing to many people.

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Could your bottom line benefit from proactive claims advocacy?

April 19 , 2017

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Let’s be honest, most business owners would rather not have to contend with filing and managing insurance claims. Whether it’s a workers’ compensation claim, a large property loss claim or a sticky liability lawsuit, the process can be tedious to say the least.

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Group benefits strategies: Managing health care costs

April 13 , 2017

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Imagine that Gas Station A charges $2.50 a gallon. Gas Station B down the road charges three times as much at $7.50 a gallon. Where would you fill up the company car? At Gas Station A of course! 

Believe it or not, this scenario plays out every day in our health care system, with a much different outcome. According to a Blue Cross Blue Shield report, the cost of a total knee replacement in Dallas can range from $16,722 to $61,585 depending on the hospital. That’s a 267 percent difference!

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Construction contract risk management: Texas anti-indemnity laws

April 04 , 2017

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Reading and interpreting contracts can be frustrating, but it’s important to understand how each contract your company signs affects your company’s risk and insurance coverage. The industry and state in which you operate could make this process even more frustrating because many states have enacted anti-indemnity laws that limit the amount of risk that can be transferred between parties to a contract, and some are industry-specific. 

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10 signs you might need an umbrella insurance policy

March 30 , 2017

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Lawsuits happen every day, for all kinds of reasons. They’re the number one reason umbrella insurance is such a good idea for so many people. An umbrella policy gives you an added layer of liability protection over and above your homeowner’s, auto and other policies. So, when the coverage limits on those policies are reached, the umbrella policy kicks in.

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